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Welcome to Dollar Excel Partners! We are more than glad to see you around and can’t wait to see your first Excel product available!

To deliver a seamless experience for our customers, we adopt a set of publishing guidelines that ensure our customers get a unified experience from using Dollar Excel products.

Excel Ribbon setting

If your product involves creating a Excel ribbon item as below, please make sure you implement the ribbon item with the following XML formatting to show your items under a Single Tab in “Dollar Excel”.

For more information related to this implementation, please visit

<customUI xmlns="" xmlns:nsDollarExcel="DollarExcel Namespace">
  <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
      <tab idQ="nsDollarExcel:DollarExcel" label="Dollar Excel">
        <group id="<yourgroupid>" label="<yourgrouplabel>">
          <button id="<yourbuttonid>" label="<yourbuttonlabel>" size="large" 
		onAction="<yourVBAMacroEntrance>" imageMso="<yourpic>" />

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