How To Extract Images From Excel In 1 Minute

How To Extract Images From Excel In 1 Minute
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Sometimes when we work with Excel as a tool for displaying information and doing some comparison across many items, we may add a bunch of photos into our Excel

Imagine that you are preparing a comparison for different models of airplanes, you may include a photo for Boeing 737, AirBus A380, etc.

When we have to archive the content, very often we also want to extract the photos out from Excel into separate files in a folder. How can we extract images from Excel?

Option 1 Copy and Paste

If you only have less than 5 images to extract, you may consider using this copy and paste method.

Just copy the image and paste it into wherever you needed it to be.

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Option 2 Save as picture

Step 1: Right click the picture

Step 2: Select “Save as picture” from the list

Option 3 Save as HTML file

Although both option 1 and option 2 work perfectly, they may appear to be too time-consuming when you have more than 10 images to extract.

That’s why I am going to introduce this hack – save as HTML file.

Step 1: Save the Excel document as a HTML file

A folder will be created automatically after you finish this step.

Step 2: Check out the automatically created folder

All images are extracted from the Excel to the newly created folder. You are good to go.

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